porcupine bank langoustine

porcupine bank langoustine

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800 grams

xxl: 4-8 pieces

xl: 9-14 pieces

m: 15-18 pieces

deep sea caught at over 200m by trawl on the porcupine bank and landed in Union Hall, Cork

keep stored in lango box within your fridge. eat within 2-3 days.

these massive Irish langoustines are caught 200 kilometres off the south west coast and are immediately blast frozen once caught to preserve their sweetness and texture. you will receive them in our bespoke langoustine box and once lightly defrosted under running cold water for 2 minutes they are ready to cook.

the porcupine bank is a raised area of seabed, 200 metres below sea level at its highest on the fringes of the Atlantic ocean, 200 kilometres South-West of Cork. These langoustines are one of our Island’s most prized export to Japan for sashimi.  They are a different product from the smaller dayboat caught inshore langoustine.  we couldn’t be more excited to be able to offer them to you. 

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