Bodegas El Maestro Olorosso 15 Year Old

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Hazelnut, dried mushroom, bitter orange and gingerbread

Having been established more than 180 years ago, Bodegas el Maestro is still family owned. It still stands in the same location where it began with many of the features still untouched, from the albero floors to the barrels with wine from 1860. Labour is still done mostly by hand, including trasiego. This is the transition of wine from each solera. The Olorosso 15 Year Old is 100% Palomino. Produced in American oak butts through oxidative ageing. The Palomino grape must is fortified up to 18% of alcohol. From this moment it will start ageing in 500 litre American oak butts through a process of oxidation. Throughout the ageing, the wine will constantly be exposed to the air and the slow action of the oxygen in the system of criaderas and soleras. The slow evaporation of water from the wine during the 15 years of ageing will aid a process of concentration.

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