Mas Coutelou Flambadou 2017

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Big, juicy, ageworthy but great after half an hour in a decanter

Jeff's wines are a mystery! Sometimes it has 100% Syrah, sometimes with some Carignan and sometimes Castets. Or, maybe none of the above! That's what makes Coutelou wines the bomb! In Puimission, a remote village in the Languedoc. Jeff Coutelou took over from his father. Officially certified as organic in 1987 when only 200 hectares were in Hérault (now there are over 20,000ha). He has reduced the vineyard area from 20ha to 13ha, replacing the rest with olive groves in order to create biodiversity in the vineyard. His vineyards are considered nurseries for forgotten varieties of the area, such as; Castets, Servant and Picardin. He has had trouble with the CRAV(Comité Régional d'Action Viticole) who burned some of his vines multiple times. The CRAV are a group of more traditional winemakers who don't welcome new practices or ways of doing things (such as biodynamic or organic farming) in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Flambadou is only made in hot vintages when the grapes are almost 'flambéed'.

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