Arnot Roberts Syrah 2017

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Fresh, blackberry, spicy, oaky and inky

Founded in 2001 by Duncan Arnot Meyer and Nathan Lee Roberts, who are childhood friends. They each come from winemaking backgrounds and grew up running around the vineyards. Nathan followed in his father’s footsteps while Duncan was educated in renowned wineries around Napa and Sonoma. Their winery is a warehouse in Healdsburg and the vineyards are leased and scattered around Northern California. Their Syrah is a blend of 6 vineyards on the Sonoma Coast - La Cruz, Baker Lane, Clary Ranch, Griffin's Lair, Marietta and Que with organic and sustainable farmers. It is whole cluster fermentation and aged in French oak for 11 months. It's bottled unrefined and unfiltered. Watch out for the inky tannin on the cork, it'll get all over your hands!

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