Tour de Gendres Moulin des Dames Blanc 2015

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Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc

Toasty, peachy, grapefruit and complex

Tour de Gendres is located in Bergerac, Southwest France, close to Bordeaux. Luc di Conti farms biodynamically on his 54 hectare vineyard. He uses seaweed, and other natural resources, to nourish the soil. The vines are low yielding, usually 5-6 bunches per vine with the top cuvées benefitting from 'tries' when picking. This is when there is more than one pass through the vineyard ensuring the grapes are fully ripe when picked. The Moulin des Dames Blanc comes from a 3.5 hectare plot on clay soil. It is named after an old windmill in the nearby woodland, called the Moulin des Dames.

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