Valli Unite Ottavio Rubé Rosso 2017

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Dolcetto and Croatina

Light, bright, juicy and gluggable

Imagine you're drinking in the park with your friends glugging away a bottle of wine... The Rubé Rosso is what should be in your glass at that moment. A Dolcetto and Croatina blend from the Piemonte region of North Italy, this co-operative was set up by three friends who had a real love for the land of Northern Italy. They didn't give in, like a lot of younger people around the time, and head to the big cities for work. They believed in sustainable and organic farming and biodiversity. Rubé Ottavio Rosso is named after one of the founders - Ottavio Rubé. It's bright, fresh and crunchy with lots of cherry and red fruit notes. Stick it in the fridge for 20 minutes and enjoy with light pasta dishes, or in the park with friends. Preferably the park...

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